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Application Process

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Application Process Empty Application Process

Post by Admin Mon Feb 23, 2015 10:12 am

Hello future prospect of XPR. I want to thank you for considering us over the other clubs in the virtual racing community. Please take a few minutes and fill this information out in a new topic with your GT then application. Once complete we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. We wish everyone good luck.

Clubs you've been in past:
Current Platform:
How did you hear about XPR:
What can you offer the team:
What are looking for from the team:
What do the core values of XPR mean to you (Commitment, Integrity, Respect):
Willing to change gamertag:
Please share a little bio about yourself:

By applying to XPR, you are also in agreement to the following privacy policy:

ADMIN wrote:Xtreme Performance Racing Privacy Policy:

Xtreme Performance Racing (XPR) reserves the right to make any amendments to this document.

Persons stated as “XPR” or “our” are Xtreme Performance Racing. Persons stated as “You” are the person agreeing to this document.

All members are hereby required to take an oath that protects the interests of XPR and its members.

You will not share any private information disclosed within the Private section of our forums. This includes testing information, driver lineups, Official real world team information and any other information.

You will keep this information within the confines of the private section of our site and any personal, private conversation with ONLY any other current members of XPR on sites outside our own, and not with any non-XPR members or former XPR members.
Any information disclosed in our private section of our forums is property of XPR and is not to be shared with any other person, racing organizations and clubs.

If you leave XPR at any point, you are still required to keep any information gathered in our private section to yourself or any current members of XPR.

If you are found in breach this contract, you will be immediately discharged from XPR, and permanently banned from our forums. If you are found using another account, that account and any other account found in your control will also be banned.

This is a Zero-Tolerance policy effective immediately.
Anyone who does not agree to this contract will not be accepted into XPR.

To agree, copy and fill in the following statement;

“I, (First name, Last name), hereby agree to all the terms and conditions within this document.”

Once signed, you will be put on a 60 day probationary period. Where after this period, you will be able to view and reply on the Private section of the forum.


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